Seussical the Musical Auditions

Show Dates: March 2-4 & 9-11

Rehearsals will begin in January.

Auditions will take place Dec. 14 & 16, with callbacks on Dec. 17.
Please prepare a one minute monologue, 16 bars of a song in the style of the show, and bring your headshot and resume.

To sign up for an audition, please click here!

Seussical is based on the works of Dr. Seuss and weaves together his most famous tales and characters from at least fifteen of his books. The show follows the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. He soon discovers that within this tiny speck exists the smallest planet in the universe! On this tiny planet live a tiny race of creatures known as Whos. Although ridiculed by the other animals in the Jungle of Nool for believing in something he cannot see, Horton stubbornly persists in his belief that the Whos exist. Traveling everywhere from the Jungle of Nool to McEligott’s Pool, some of the characters fall in love, some have desperate adventures, and some even save the world.

Most roles are for teens/adults, with the exception of Jojo and the Young Kangaroo.

Cat in the Hat – (M or F) The Cat is the spunky, fun-loving narrator of the show. The Cat leads Jojo into an adventurous world and serves as his guide. Singer/dancer. (Tenor or soprano)
Horton the Elephant – (M) A sweet and kind creature who tries to protect all of the Whos. Horton wants to help anyone and everyone, and is so caught up in trying to save the world that he is oblivious to the fact that Gertrude is in love with him. Singer. (Baritone)
Jojo – (M- but sometimes cast as F) A young boy from Whoville whose “thinks” often get him in trouble! He is creative, rebellious, and energetic. Singer/mover. (Tenor or Alto)
Gertrude McFuzz – (F) Adorable bird-girl who is in love with Horton. Gertrude is self-conscious of her one-feathered tail and longs to have a more elaborate and showy tail in order to impress Horton. Singer. (Soprano)
Mayzie LaBird – (F) Lively and energetic bird-girl who has the biggest tail of them all! She is sassy and bold, and is always on the go. Singer/dancer. (Mezzo – belt)
Sour Kangaroo – (F) She is loud, boisterous, and sassy! The other animals in the Jungle of Nool always listen to her, and she acts as their leader throughout the show. Singer. (Soprano – belt)
Bird Girls – (F) Three bird girls who hang out with Mayzie. They are colorful, fun, and energetic. Singers/dancers. (all voice parts)
Wickersham Brothers/Sisters (M or F) Three monkeys in the Jungle of Nool. They are mischievous and like to create trouble. Many other animals are afraid of them. (All voice parts)
General Gengus Khan Schmitz – (M) The leader of the Army in Whoville. He is loud, commanding, and sometimes mean. (Baritone)
Mr. Mayor – (M) The mayor of Whoville, and Jojo’s father. He doesn’t know what to do with his son who disobeys him. (Tenor)
Mrs. Mayor – (F) The mayor’s wife, and Jojo’s mother. She is also struggling with what to do with her rebellious son. (Mezzo)
Young Kangaroo – (F or M) The baby joey of the Sour Kangaroo. He/she often echoes what the Sour Kangaroo sings, and is a copycat. Singer. (Soprano or Tenor)
I. Jungle of Nool (subgroups: Jungle Creatures, Fish, Hunches, Circus Animals, Hunters).
II. Whoville (subgroups: Citizens of Who, Cadets)
CAMEO ROLES – Note: Those cast in cameo will be double cast in either the Jungle or Whoville ensembles.
The Grinch – (M) As most people know, the Grinch is a grouch and he stole Christmas! Singer. (Bass-baritone)
Yertle the Turtle – (M or F) Yertle is a powerful member of the Jungle of Nool and respected by all the other animals. He/she serves as the judge when Horton is on trial. (Bass-baritone or Alto)
Vlad Vladikoff – (M or F) A majestic eagle who is also mischievous and daring. Strong dancer.