Advanced Ballet: Cecchetti Grade V

Advanced Ballet is designed for advanced and pre-professional level students ages 12 and above.

  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Age Group: 12 yrs+


The Advanced Program is geared toward serious dancers working toward a pre-professional level of training to pursue dance at a collegiate level or as a career.

Grade V Cecchetti class marks the beginning of the professional level exams that demonstrate the final stages of the ballet method.  It is a culmination of the graded work material demonstrating a mature and professional approach.  The syllabus covers adages and pirouettes to prepare the student for more advanced levels, pointe work, and execution of beats.  It develops strong classical line, solid anatomical placement, as well as virtuoso jumps and beats.

This class is technique only and will not participate in the dance concert.  Enrollment in an addition ballet class is required.

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