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Cordell Huyard Director of Cavod Theatre

I have been a part of the Cavod community for 14 years. Cavod played a huge role in molding the man I am today. The culture of Cavod has helped teach me to live a lifestyle of worship, acceptance, and freedom. I have always had a passion for the arts, storytelling, creative expression, and people, whether it be on the mission field, filmmaking, acting in both community and professional theaters, or writing and directing. For these reasons and many others, my goal is that under my leadership Cavod Theatre will continue to impact people the way it has impacted my life and to an even greater level. My beautiful wife Savannah and I love working alongside the community to raise
the standard in Godly artistic expression.

We look forward to partnering with you not only to make outstanding art but also to make an eternal impact with a global reach.

Cordell Huyard
Director of Cavod Theatre